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A Musical Tribute to America


Some of the best jazz musicians happen to be women.

Sunnie Paxson - MADCatfish 2015
00-Terri Lynn Carrington
Linda Taylor - B

Can you name five (5) male jazz musicians?
(any ethnicity, living or deceased)

Usually, any person familiar with jazz is able to rattle off the names of five or more without hesitation. Then I pop the second question…

…Now, can you name at least three female jazz musicians (not including vocalists)?

Many avid jazz fans hesitate, and some are unable to name even three. When most people think of “women in jazz,” they usually think of vocalists.  People who are able to list three often find it challenging to include female musicians who play instruments that have traditionally been associated with male musicians (i.e. drums, saxophone, trombone, bass).


Let's swing to a jazz and blues treatment of historic, popular and original patriotic songs as we pay tribute to our beloved American homeland.


Performed by a roster of master  jazz instrumentalists, this Homeland Swingin' recording features 12-songs scheduled for release February 2021 through September 2021.  The first release, "America: My County Tis' of Thee" is a straight-ahead jazz arrangement, presented in two versions.


February 19th is the official release date for the instrumental version, followed by the release of the spoken word version on February 28th, 2021.


The release of the first two songs are scheduled just in time to kick-off our official 2021 IWP jazz in March, which is aligned with National Women's History Month.

We invite you to enjoy this jazz arrangement of an iconic national song performed by "Some of the best jazz musicians, who happen to be women."  Take a few minutes to watch the artistic interpretations by two artists, one dancer and one spoken word artist.

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