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Homeland Swingin’ is a musical tribute to the United States of America.  This recording project features a playlist of historic and popular patriotic tunes, along with the debut of original compositions.

Homeland Swingin' is a love letter of sorts, envisioned as a way to celebrate the best of who and what we are as Americans.

From coast to coast, our homeland has a rich history that expresses the range of our humanity, the high and lows, the good and bad.  The depth and breadth of this experience gave birth to the musical genres of gospel, blues and jazz.

This inaugural IWP recording project is a songbook rooted in these uniquely-American-bred art forms that are embraced worldwide.

Official Release Dates
"America: My Country Tis' of Thee"
One song, two versions
  • Instrumental - September 15, 2022
  • Spoken word - November 15, 2022

Listen & Download (coming soon)

"America: My Country Tis' of Thee" (2 versions)


Music Director and Pianist, Sunnie Paxson

Guitar, Linda Taylor

Acoustic Bass, Jennifer Jane Leitham

Drums, Suzanne Morissette Cruz

Flute, Carol Chaikin

Trumpet, Barbara Laronga

Lori Stuntz, Trombone

Vocals: Susan Sidney Massengale, Maree Reed and Sandra Adams

Spoken Word: Love Tashia Asanti*

*Appears courtesy of Noble Trinity Music

Composer: Unknown (1700’s)

Lyrics:  Samuel Francis Smith (1831)

Arrangement by Sunnie Paxson and Mark J. Vincent


Executive Producer, LaQuetta M. Shamblee

Producers, Sunnie Paxson and Mark J. Vincent


Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by

Mark J. Vincent at Multi Media Music Productions in Toluca Lake, CA and St. Petersburg, FL


Spoken word recorded by Mychal Lozano at The Loft – Hemet, CA


A collaborative recording project with

The Instrumental Women Project (a nonprofit arts agency), sponsored by MAD Catfish Records, a division of MAD Catfish Media, LLC – Phoenix, AZ

Two Artistic Interpretations
Risa Arisue
Dance - Choreographer
Love Tashia Asanti
Spoken Word Artist
An original poem "The Falcon and the Lotus"

Title Goes Here

Homeland Swingin'

CD/Album Songbook

EP #1 (4 songs)

The full Homeland Swingin' recording features 12 songs, scheduled for release in three phases of extended plays (EPs).

Song 1:  "America: My Country Tis' of Thee"

Release Date:  September 15, 2022

Song 2:  "America: My Country Tis' of Thee"

featuring poet, Love Tashia Asanti

Release Date:  November 15, 2022

Song 3:  "Living in America"

Release Date:  March 30, 2023

Song 4:  "Some Gave All"

featuring vocal stylist, Phyllis Battle

Release Date:  May 15, 2023

EP #2

Release Dates (TBD):  June - July 2023

EP #3

Release Dates (TBD):  Aug - Sept 2023

Music Equipment
Virtual Premiere Party
Pre-release event for the first single "America: My Country Tis' of Thee"
Two versions
One instrumental, one spoken word
Listen to the song
Watch the videos
Meet the artists & producers
Sheet Music and Guitar
What's Swingin'?
Upcoming Events

Virtual Release Party

America: My Country Tis' of Thee
09/15/22 - Official Release

America: My Country Tis' of Thee
11/15/22 - Official Release
(Spoken Word)

Booking Information
LaQuetta M. Shamblee
(626) 806-9264

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